Our 2019 timetable is here!

Term 4 starts on the 11th of February 2019. Get enrolled for the new year now!

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See Below for full class breakdowns, ages and descriptions...  

Ready to go?


Fees are based on an 8 week term — any extra lessons/additional weeks are courtesy of the dance school (excluding holiday and extra examination classes). All Fees are Pro routed- meaning that if you join us part way though a term you only pay for the lessons you will receive, so below fees are based on full terms participation and no discounts. 


New Students can Trial any of our classes across a 7 day period for FREE!  (Classes must be within the students age group)


Siblings/Family Rate:  10% off total fees if 2 or more siblings are enrolled at KJ Studios

Early bird Discount: 10% off total fees if Total term fees are paid Prior to the beginning of the term 

Unlimited Classes Cap: We offer an unlimited classes cap to keep costs to a minimum. For students Under 12 the cap is $450.00 of Term fees (Per individual student) For students 12 and over the cap is $550. Once students reach this cap they are able to attend unlimited timetabled classes. The student must be enrolled and the classes must be appropriate for their level and age. Early-bird, Family and siblings discounts do not apply to Unlimited Class Package. Excludes performance groups/competitions groups and private tuition.