Hey! Are you new here? 

First of all, congratulations for deciding to get involved in the creative arts! Dance can be a wonderful way to build confidence, co-ordination, friendships, fitness levels and sense of self. It is a truly special, expressive and fun art form in which all can find their own niche. First lessons for students are a very exciting time–we work hard to ensure that everybody feels very welcome and comfortable, and that they enjoy their experience. You never know, this could be the first step toward a life-long passion. 

being prepared for class

What to bring:

  1. Dance or athletic clothing/uniform.
  2. A named water bottle
  3. Any medical requirements (asthma inhaler etc)

For the first class or two, you are welcome to stay and watch if you wish. However, please refrain from talking, answering mobile phones etc and please keep siblings well clear of the studios floor area.  After the first couple of weeks it is often better if you don’t stay to watch your child. Students are more inclined to focus on the teacher and the work at hand if Mum and Dad etc aren’t present, and if there are no noisy distractions. However, please note that at the KJ Studios we have an open door policy–parents are permitted to watch class when they desire (with the exception of examination time). If you have any concerns about what is happening in class or how your child is progressing, you are always welcome to watch.

If your child is sick, injured, has special needs, or has any type of allergy or health issue, please make sure the teacher knows. Please ensure that dancers have any necessary personal medical items on hand.


A uniform creates an identity and sense of belonging both at the studio and in the public arena. Studio pride is a wonderful way for students to strive to be the best dancer they can be. Uniforms are very practical, they enable the teachers to assist students in learning to dance as it provides staff with the ability to see all movement when giving instruction. It prevents economic and social differences being experienced at the studio and the peer pressure to buy expensive labels is taken out. It also allows the students to feel comfortable and puts them in the mind space of being in dance class, focused and ready to go! If you want to buy Uniform or Merchandise you can do so by clicking here (or you are able to purchase at the studio!) 


Click here to go to our Parent Online portal and in-put details, sign up for classes or just have a nosey! 


The all embracing nature of KJ Studios is incredibly special. That every single person, whatever age, gender, body type etc is told that YES they can dance, that’s the magic for me.