How many Teachers is too Many Teachers? We believe that 'too many' doesn't exist.. Here at KJ Studios we try to expose our older students to as many teachers, choreographers and dancers as we can! Why? Because this enables them to learn from so many different people, pick up on different styles, figure out their own learning patterns and gives them a tase of the 'real world' 

Also, did you know that the KJ Studios teachers are police vetted...? We think it’s so important to ensure the safety and care of your children! The Dance Studio industry is not regulated, meaning that anybody can become a dance teacher or own a studio, mean too that there is no need for vetting, qualifications or any government paperwork for someone to come in and teach your children dance. BUT, here at KJ Studios we put children's safety first. Every teacher is extensively interviewed, has training sessions, regular staff meet ups and all of them are Police vetted, so we know we have done all that we can to ensure your children are safe in their hands, and with the smiles that come in and out of the studios from the students- we'd say we're doing a pretty ace job! 

Not only that, but all of our teachers are extensively trained in their area to bring you the best! We don’t believe in one teacher covering all the genres, why? Because there is simply no way that one person can specialise in every single style, so having seven amazing teachers! Meaning they each teach what they are specialised in, and it means the children get to dance with a variety of people, getting them prepared for college, full time dance and the big wide world.