'My kid dances EVERYWHERE at home, and won't dance at all in class- why do they get so shy?!'

It can be frustrating as a parent to bring your child along to dance classes when you know they will not sit still at home and are 'so excited for dance', for them to not want to join in or get shy and scared in class. However, first classes can be very overwhelming, new people, new surroundings, new environment and A LOT going on. We suggest not pushing or forcing your child to join. But sitting with them in class and allowing them to watch for the first lesson (sometimes even first few lessons!) until they feel comfortable enough to participate. Forced learning is not beneficial as it will not play out well long term. Watching classes is free of charge, until the student feels comfortable to participate in class there will be no cost. At KJ Studios we would rather students welcome the creative world of the arts in their own time, rather than having a bad experience and not wanting to return. Teachers are also willing to spend time chatting to students (outside of class hours) to make them feel more comfortable, and parents are welcome to join/assist/participate in class (where necessary) until the student feels comfortable and happy.

We know, it can be frustrating! However, we have seen it over and over again and a bit of patience and time has always resulted in total success! We love seeing kids come out of their shell and get creative in dance classes!

Our Creative Kids classes are an amazing way to get your child into dance, in a non competitive or forceful environment, amazing for self esteem and self confidence- check out our creative kids classes now!