Oh, Dance Competitions... 

Something that is widely talked about from many different angles and something that everybody has a varied opinion on. Tricks Vs Technique, Dance being a sport, how many hours do you spend on privates a week, what is a fair judge.. And so the list continues. We're not here to tell you what's wrong or right, or give you the answers to any of those questions.. We just want to let you know what we believe, and how we, here at KJ Studios broach the ominous 'Competitions dance cycle.'

It's simple really. If your child wants to perform and wants to get out on stage, if your child is willing to spend extra time at the studios working on what they love, if your child is passionate enough about what they do to want to show it off in  public setting. Then we will support that. You can be a complete beginner at 14 years old, just want one dance to do at competitions every now and again, or have 15 different solos and do a competition every weekend. Regardless, KJ studios has got your back. You don't have to be 'offered' a competitions slot, you don't have to be the best most shining star, you don't have to win every time, or even once. If this is what your child wants to do, and you want to support them, then we want to support them too. 

Getting out on stage in a public setting and doing something creative takes guts, it takes courage and we are so impressed by so many gutsy young people who put it all out there and give it the best they have got on stage, Our teachers here at KJ Studios love to share their craft and knowledge of the arts. And whilst we do pursue and strive for greatness for all of our students, we are constantly supportive of all who share the passion of the arts. 

There are no Pyramids, there is no elite club. We will put the time and energy into any student who is wiling to do the same back. And yeah, at competitions our studio won't always be viewed as the most shiny or impressive, but we can guarantee, beginner or advanced, first place or somewhere else,  our students feel fully backed by us and are there doing what they love, and we're blimin' proud of that.