American Jazz is the show-stopper of the dance styles. Vibrant, energetic, strong, and performance-based, jazz is a style well-suited to those who like to perform and entertain.


KJ Studios American Jazz classes foster a high level of technicality and skill. Younger levels focus on the development of correct technique, and an understanding of the American Jazz style–thus creating a solid foundation for achievement at higher levels.

All syllabus work is performed to up-beat, popular (and age-appropriate) chart music which is fun to perform to. Students are often encouraged to take part in their music selection, to create a more fulfilling class set.

We have chosen the Amercian Jazz NZAMD syllabus for our school because it is both artistic and challenging–advanced levels are technical and intricate, with the level achieved on par with that required of a professional dancer.


KJ Studios also provides open work and choreography which incorporates numerous other jazz styles, including broadway, fosse, urban, modern and funk. These other styles are often incorporated into our end-of-year show.

Jazz Conditioning and Stretch 

Here at KJ Studios we believe that dance is a sport, and with that comes strong dancers with great technique. We prefer that our Jazz exam students (from Elementary 3 onward) also participate in a weekly conditioning class appropriate to their age group. These classes work to build up core strength, control and dance stamina. 

Please see here for our timetable to find out when our Jazz and conditioning classes are on.

Commercial Jazz

We aim to offer a range of styles and classes to our students, not restricting them to just Exam-based work. Commercial Jazz is offered to give the Students a taste of the professional industry as Commercial Jazz is taking the world by storm in America and all throughout the international dance circuit.