Private Tuition & COmpetition work

The 'Competition' world can seem scary and unknown for a lot of Dance Families, here at KJ Studios we work to de-bunk that Myth and illusion, making competitions an enjoyable experience and a huge learning curve for our students. So let's break it down for you....

Do I need to be 'Picked' to compete at competitions?

No, absolutely not, if you are a current examination student here with us at KJ Studios, you have the option to get private tuition and compete with us for the studio. However, competitions are a lot of hard work, and private lessons and choreography can be time consuming for the teachers. There is only so much spare time a teacher has to fit private lessons around exam work. Therefore- to allow each dancer the full experience and equal opportunity we offer a waiting list for those students who are interested in competitions but there may not be time in the schedule currently OR are thinking of entering competitions in the future.

However, to be a part of the 'performance group' and Large group competition numbers students will need to attend the open audition at the start of the year to gain a placement in this group.

Is Private Tuition included in the Term Fees?

Private tuition is not included in the Term fess and is a case by cases basis as per the choreographer/teacher. There is a flat hourly rate for each teacher that you would discuss upon deciding to enter competitions.

How do Competitions work & How will my child benefit from them?

Competitions give the students an opportunity to get out of the four walls of the studio and perform! Whilst this is offered at the end of year showcase, competitions have the 'solo' element in which the students get to shine on stage all on their own! This is great for students to learn confidence and generally we notice that due to the one on one time and private tuition, competition students also perform better in examination work.

Competition work involves one-on-one weekly lessons to create dances for individual stage work. Students are given personalised and unique choreography created to enhance, develop and extend them in their selected dance genres (ballet, jazz, contemporary, Tap and/or hip hop).

Dancers have the opportunity to learn numerous routines, which are practiced for the stage, costumed, and performed throughout the year in local, regional and national competitions.

All of KJ Studios competition dancers receive full commitment from their teachers, with not only support in class week-to-week, but also side-stage at competitions. Competition dancers are expected to maintain a high level of commitment in both competition and examination work.

competition groups

For those dancers who love to be onstage! KJ Studios competition groups give the opportunity to perform all year around. 

KJ Studios competition groups have three levels: Junior (under 10yrs), Intermediate (10-12yrs) and Senior (12+ years). There are limited places available, which are filled through open auditions held in early February—KJ Studios Students are welcome to audition! Auditions cover a range of styles, including ballet, lyrical, contemporary, jazz and hip hop.

Dancers have the opportunity to travel as a group to attend competitions out of town, with the key goal being to attend the PACANZ Young Performer of the Year. 

This is a big commitment, but an absolutely wonderful opportunity for those who are willing to put in the hard work, and wish to be part of a great group dynamic.